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1031 Paper with Blake Allen

In this two-hour class, Blake Allen gives us an in depth introduction to 1031 Paper and the art of creative real estate.  Formulas like the creation of wealth are explained, among many other facets of exchanging.

Equity Marketing Basics (AKA Ask Questions) with Blake Allen and Tom Van Erp

Blake and Tom go over the basics of Equity Marketing and various formulas they use by explaining old deals they've closed.  1031 Paper is introduced, as well as the exchangor marketing meetings.

Syndications with David Sanchez

In this shortened course, David Sanchez explains the logistics and benefits of syndication, as well as tried and true methods of organizing and implementing syndications.

Owner Carry Financing with Tom Vanerp

In this advanced course, Tom Vanerp conducts a long and detailed conversation with an audience of exchangors; real estate brokers with dozens, if not hundreds of years of combined experience.

Intro to Equity Marketing with Blake Allen

In this hour-long course, Blake Allen goes over the basics of Equity Marketing, creative real estate, counseling your clients and a general introduction to real estate formulas.  This was taught in Denver, CO in 2019.

Intro to Equity Marketing with Jim Wilson

In this full-day course, Jim Wilson goes over equity marketing and why it is one of the best tools to use to serve your clients.

On Counseling with Blake Allen

Blake Allen speaks about the importance of counseling clients, a process that helps understand their ultimate goals and what they can and are willing to do.  With out counseling clients, a Broker cannot properly do their job.  This was at the New Mexico Council of Exchangors.

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